Rock the School With These Cool Valentines

Starting last year, I decided to put more effort into my girls valentines for their friends. We did a little bit of searching and the girls told me what themes they wanted. We did the same thing this year and it has become such a great tradition! Here is what we came up with…

McKenzie wanted sour gummy worms, so we used this fun pun and made them look like they were in a bug jar. 

This year, she is totally, completely into everything Yoda! She has never seen Star Wars or the show, Mandalorian, yet she is obsessed with baby Yoda! So, thanks to Cricut’s partnership with Disney, we were able to find the most adorable Yoda images in Design Space!

Oakley is my artist and loves to write. So, of course, she wanted to incorporate sparkly valentine pencils. Thanks to Megan from Balancing Home, we were able to find this fun Maze Printable Activity Valentine to go with them. I added slits using my Cricut True Control Knife to thread the pencil through. 

This year, all my girls have been into Perler Beads. They love creating new designs, it literally keeps them busy for hours! So, she committed to making a keychain for all 27 friends in her class, plus for 3 of her teachers! This girl is sure a rock star!!

Oakley also had to make some for her ballerina friends. So we made some cute valentines for her friends to twirl over!

And Katelyn loves all things that are cute and lovable. What is more perfect than this adorable little fox! I just attached chocolate hearts to each paper heart. 

Then this year she chose the classic little girl obsession, a unicorn. Thanks to Cricut, we came up with something pretty dang cute. Not to mention, her PandaCorn with wings valentines box!

Happy making, valentine!


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